Air channels play a major role in controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning within homes. They allow air circulation. When contamination occurs within the channels, which happens at a regular basis because of a build up of dust, pet hair or even debris such as nests and droppings left by rodents, insects and bugs, its necessary to sterilize them. Sterilization is done when allergy episodes are experienced by members within the house, foul smells from the vents, growth of molds and fungus, spider webs, buildup of dust and constant damage of vents by water. The process of purification is a rigorous exercise and therefore it is necessary to mitigate contamination. Some of the steps to reduce the need for purification include frequently changing the air filters, annual maintenance, regular inspection of vent work, good housekeeping practices, ensuring strategic location of air intakes.

Air filters remove dust and solid particles from the in flowing air. When they are clogged it is necessary to replace them. The purpose is to ensure the filters meet the required standards of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The other reason is to replace missing filters and prevent dust particles from bypassing the gaps between filter holders. This enables free flow of air and foul smells are reduced within vents.
Annual maintenance is necessary to ensure the system is running appropriately. Regular maintenance contributes to reduced energy losses, fewer repairs and prevents breakdown. Tasks involved include sealing of leakages, removing of debris and spider webs within vents and dusting to facilitate air flow. You should also have your coolant system and furnace serviced and cleaned to ensure they are functioning properly. These are operations you can either perform by yourself or call in a professional who can also do the complex maintenance tasks, such as lubricating the moving parts, checking of thermostats, tightening electric connections and checking of control system should be carried out by a professional.

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With the new cold weather more bugs want to slip stealthily into your wonderful, cozy home to become your unofficial roommates. There are actions you can take to clear your property, well mostly, of bugs, but it requires determination hard work, and a genuine hatred of the small pests.

You first need to perform a comprehensive study of the exterior of property and your home. Remove piles of bricks, leaves, rocks, or lumber that’s resting close to the base. These are great hiding places for creepy crawlies.

If you have trees or shrubs, be sure the branches are at the least 12-18 inches from your property. Do not have any plants that attract insects nearby the base of your house and this also includes any type of compost, hay, etc.

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